Phoebe McDermott

As a fully qualified Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a first-class degree from the University of Reading in Nutrition and Food Science (BSc, Hons), my mission is to reach out and help people achieve their nutritional goals in an affordable way. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Harley Street or celebrity nutritionist, but everybody does deserve science based professional help and advice. I believe nutrition should be used as a preventative tool to ward off deficiencies, diseases and to aid recovery whether it be from injury or illness.

Nutrition advice is most effective when personalised. It is best tailored to an individual need, taking into account your sex, age, genetics, current health and lifestyle. Healthy shouldn't just be about losing weight, it may just be about making sure you are meeting all your nutritional needs so that you can feel at your best. Let me guide you through all the available nutritional advice and tailor it to suit your personal needs.

Contact me today to arrange an initial consultation where we will work together to achieve your nutritional goals.


Everybody’s healthy is different, let me help you find yours!